Panda Wrap – Baby Adorables Exclusive (PRE ORDER)

We are super excited to offer our first exclusive Baby Adorables wrap – Panda Wrap.  This black and white wrap will be woven by Natibaby and is made of 100% pure cotton.  In addition, purchasing this wrap will help out a worthy cause, the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund, Inc.

Thank you to Amy Lewis and her son for the design and story behind the “Panda Man” wrap.

“The inspiration behind this wrap came from my son who is 2.5 year old. He is our miracle baby, born at 26 weeks 1lb 8oz with multiple special needs and an extremely rare bone marrow failure disorder. Since coming home from the NICU he has always loved being wrapped and I have always loved how wrapping him allowed me to cherish the close moments with him. Though he doesn’t speak and is cognitively and physically 9-12 months we recently visited the Zoo and while we were wrapped in closeness he saw the Pandas and immediately started pointing to them and grunting. To our amazement he truly connected with the giant pandas and only a couple weeks after our visit he uttered his first word “ANDA” for his stuffed panda that is now his best friend. It’s AMAZING and after learning more about the giant pandas we realized it’s not so surprising that he would feel a kinship to them since they are also born extremely small like “micro preemies” and overcome much in their first months of life to survive.

This wrap illustrates the closeness that wrapping provides for my little “Panda Man” and I, and the love that we have for life and one another.”